River Hongbao 2017


After spending the first day of Lunar New Year with my family, on the second day, together with my friend, we “explored” Singapore on foot to burn off some calories from all the bak kwa (a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat similar to jerky), pineapple tarts and love letters we had.

We walked along the Singapore River to the River Hongbao Celebration (Hongbao means red packet in Chinese) at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. It took us almost an hour to reach the Floating Platform as we stopped along the way to take pictures and check for otters.

The Floating Platform was well decorated with lots of stalls selling drinks and snacks. As the weather was good, the place was packed with people. There were two key characters at the River Hongbao. The first is the Rooster as this year is the Year of the Rooster. Another very important character that is always being featured at all Lunar New Year Celebration is the God of Fortune 财神 or literal translation from Chinese: God of Wealth. God of Fortune is the Chinese god of prosperity worshipped in the Chinese folk religion and Taoism.


river-angbao-2017 fortune-god
The God of Fortune together with the Roosters on the Smooth Sailing Ship filled with gold ingots bringing prosperity to the Year of the Rooster 



After completing a round at the River Hongbao, I walked to the Youth Olympics Games Park. From there I saw lots of people gathering under the Helix Bridge. To find out what the people were looking at, check my next post.


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