My Family Reunion Dinner

This year’s family reunion dinner is special as my sister and family who migrated to Australia are back for reunion dinner. This is the first time they are back for reunion dinner since they migrated to Australia seven years ago. Glad that this year’s lunar new year is in January, coincides with summer holiday in Australia, that they could be back. Now my sis and family are with the in-laws in Malaysia.

We have a few rounds of reunion dinners. The first was on last Saturday where everyone got together. After dinner, we went to my elder sister’s place. It was past dad’s usual sleeping time but he didn’t go to bed. I guess dad felt happy looking at all his children and grandchildren chatting and laughing happily. Dad must be thinking and missing mum. If mum was here, she would also feel happy looking at her children and grandchildren gathering, chatting and laughing. I miss mum too.

Today is the eve of lunar new year, I will be going to my elder sister’s place for reunion dinner with dad, sister and family. The rest of my siblings will be having reunion dinner with their in-laws family.

Lunar New Year is a time where family get together. Wishing all a happy and prosperous year of the Rooster. 恭喜發財! 新年快樂!


Lego CNY Rooster 2017


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15 thoughts on “My Family Reunion Dinner

    1. Thank you 😊 Yes, I have been to Australia several times. Lego is definitely good at marketing their products. In the year of the Rooster, it is a rooster not a kookaburra. Still I would suppose Lego did some modifications to make it look more like a rooster or did they not?

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