Autumn in Kyoto – Arashiyama

Day Three Morning in Kyoto – November 2016

We spent our morning at Arashiyama (嵐山), translated as Storm Mountain, located on the western outskirts of Kyoto. From our hotel at Gion, we took the Keihan Line to Tofukuji to change to the JR Line to Saga-Arashiyama Station. There are a few must see and do at Arashiyama, firstly is the awesome Bamboo Groves, then the Togetsukyo Bridge next is the boat ride on Oi River.

Direction to Bamboo Groves

Bamboo Groves

Upon arrival, our first stop of the day was to the Bamboo Groves. We followed the path next to the station that led us to the Bamboo Grove. Along the path, there are bicycles for rental. There were people who rented the bicycles and rode to the bamboo groves. We reached the grove at around 9 am, the place was already filled with tourists. The view was awesome. I have never seen so many bamboos and of such height. After spending around an hour at the bamboo grove, we turned back for our second stop.


Togetsukyo Bridge (渡月橋)

After Bamboo Grove, we took pictures at Togetsukyo Bridge, translated as Moon Crossing Bridge, measuring 180 metres in length.


Boat Ride on Oi River (大堰川)

Between the train ride and boat ride, we chose the 30 minutes boat ride on Oi River. Did not get to go Venice for the gondola ride, we have the boat ride on Oi River at Arashiyama.


Oi River is a shallow, slow moving river.  Instead of rowing, the boatman used a long pole to push the boat forward. On the river, there was a boat that sells local snacks. The boatman pushed our boat next to the snack boat that we may buy ourselves some snacks. They served the warm snack on a small disposable plate and gave us a small plastic bag that we may dispose of our trash properly.

The view was scenic, I am sure it will look more beautiful when the autumn foliage is full blown.


Our friendly boatman

After our boat ride, we had a cup of coffee by the River before heading out for lunch.


This is part of My Kansai Region Travel Series, stay tuned for my next post on our visit to Nijo Castle.

The Lowdown

Getting There: From Kyoto Station, take the JR Sagano Line (also known as JR Sanin Line) to Saga-Arashiyama Station. Walk along the path next to the station, in five to ten minutes, you will reach the Bamboo Groves. Along the way, you will see shops and residential homes.

Admission: There is no closing time and no entrance fee to the Bamboo Groves. The 30 minutes boat ride on Oi River cost 3,500 Yen for 1 to 2 persons.

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16 thoughts on “Autumn in Kyoto – Arashiyama

    1. Yes, there are lots of lovely sight in Kyoto. Can’t wait to visit Japan again. After visiting Japan twice this year, I appreciate why Singaporeans love going Japan for holidays.


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