This used to be my “Backyard”

I was at Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping street, my “backyard” when I was living in an apartment slightly bigger than a shoebox unit at Orchard Road area for more than two years. I have moved since six months ago. Every day then, I have my meals at Ngee Ann City, Paragon and Orchard Central and do my grocery shopping at CentrePoint, Takashimaya and Paragon. I also frequent Tokyu Hands and Muji. I was at Orchard Road today to get my manicure and pedicure done, collected a bottle of wine that I redeemed and replenished my coffee pods.


Nowadays I only go Orchard Road once a month as I still have balance sessions from my manicure and pedicure package with a shop at Orchard Road and my usual hair stylist is also located at Orchard Road area. In short, I was there to run errands rather than to shop. Ever since I lived in Orchard Road area, I did less shopping as I no longer find joy in shopping, perhaps I felt an overdose of the malls.


After moving to my new apartment, I have sold 23 items on Carousell that are new or lightly used and given lots away. Two days ago, my friend asked if I have anything that I would like to give away as her church is raising funds for a new church building. I thought I would have nothing much to give away since I have given away more than 15 bags of stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, stuff toys, kitchenware, etc). To my surprise, as I started reviewing my things,  in less than two hours, I have packed 3 bags of things and there may be more to give away. I wonder how I managed to store so many things in a small apartment that I lived in for two years.

Then I read the post by Dave and Kate on their minimalist home, I am motivated to further declutter my possessions.  Their home looks amazing, very nice, clean and neat, almost like a Muji show flat. Check out their post on their beautiful minimalist home at

Time to do some year-end clearing and cleaning:

  1. Reduce Ruthlessly – Give away things that I have little use nor add joy to my life
  2. Think Small – Only buy what I use or need not what the store “tells” me to buy
  3. Less is More – Go for quality classic items rather than quantity.

I will be spending this weekend decluttering my possessions, give away things that I do not need nor add joy to my life. 🙂


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