Tiny Baby Lizard

On Friday evening, we had dinner at a restaurant by the beach as I wanted to have a view of the sea and hear the sound of the wave. The dining area was dimly lit and a lighted tea candle was placed on the dining table that we may see what we were eating. That evening, I had fish and chips for dinner. I was almost done with my dinner and just working on my chips. I was about to dip my chip into the chilly sauce and I saw something moving. It was a tiny baby lizard, enjoying the chilly sauce. We took a picture of it in action. We could see the lizard’s tongue sticking out, licking the sauce.

It is so tiny and cute and was almost camouflage as it is the same colour as the table. The picture below was being brightened that you may see the tiny baby lizard. Isn’t it cute? 🙂


This is my response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Theme – Tiny,


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