Summer in Seoul – Gangnam

It was September, I was in Seoul for business. Decided to extend my stay for another week for vacation as the last time I was there for holiday was a few years ago.  The weather was less hot but the sky was gloomy.

While on business, I was staying at Park Hyatt at Gangnam-gu, a beautiful and modern hotel, walking distance to the office.  Upon checked-in, the hotel staff upgraded my room to a junior suite.  Lucky me.



For this business trip, I was traveling with the VP, it was his first trip to Korea. Therefore, our colleagues in Korea arranged an elaborate dinner at the Traditional Korean House Phil Kyung Jae at Gangnam-gu.  

Brief on the Traditional Korean House Phil Kyung Jae (Summary of restaurants’ write-up)

This historical house was constructed in the 1400s during the reign of King Sungjong, the 9th King of Joseon Dynasty, and was designated the first traditional architectural landmark on 8 April 1987 by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism.  Built by Lee Chon-Soo, a great grandson of Prince Kwang-Pyeong, the 5th son of King Sejong (1397-1450) and was restored to its original condition in 1994.

This house has been passed down through the family, by way of the oldest son of each generation, for over 500 years.  Many descendants who grew up in this house, worked as high-ranking court officials during the Joseon Dynasty.  More recent notable descendants include General Lee Beom-seok, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea.  

The name, Phil Kyung Jae means “Respect for the Elders” and the words above the door (refer to picture below) says “Hall of Loyalty & Filial Piety”.


I gathered from my Korean colleagues that this is the place where young couples will arrange for their parents to meet to discuss about their marriage and customary wedding. This is the most stressful time for the young couple as any argument that happened between their parents at this meeting, it would mean their wedding plan will be impacted. I guess Koreans are still rather traditional when come to marriage.


It was a pity that I could not take picture of our meal as it was not appropriate to do it in front of the VP. Do check out the Traditional Korean House Phil Kyung Jae, dine like the Korean Royal family in a beautiful and serene environment. After dinner, relax and enjoy desert at the garden. (refer to picture below)


The Lowdown – Traditional Korean House Phil Kyung Jae

Address: 205, Gwangpyeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul  서울특별시 강남구 광평로 205 (수서동)

Type / Specialty Menu: Korean Food/Korean Royal Course

Operating Hours: Lunch: 12:00-15:00 and Dinner: 18:00-22:00

Reservations: Tel: +82-2-445-2115


Thank you for stopping by.  


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