Less Stuff, More Happiness

I have moved to my new apartment for more than four months. During these four months, I did some major decluttering especially my wardrobe, shoes, bags and kitchenware. Besides giving away three big bags of clothes (Decluttering my Bedroom), I sold a number of stuff which add up to a decent cash back. This is a triple WIN – reduce my possessions, cash in return and happy new owners.

For kitchenware that I have little use and could not sell, I gave them to Salvation Army that others may benefit from them.  More to reduce and give away as I am not as ruthless in reducing my possessions as I would like to be.

Besides reducing my possession, I am also careful in any new purchases.  In my recent home renovation, instead of going for a four-burner hob and a hood for four-burner, I bought a two-burner hob and a small hood as I seldom cook. Resulting in cash and space savings.  Living in a small apartment that provide sufficient space for essentials, help to save money as it would cost less.  It will also deter one from buying the non-essentials. Cost and time to maintain would also be less, leaving more time to relax and enjoy.

For my move to my new apartment, instead of buying new furniture,  I brought along my old dining set, bar stools, study chair, sofa, side table (also used as a coffee table) that I have been using for more than five years. I bought quality classic furniture that can last without concern about trend. By doing so, I save money and reduce CO2 in the long run.

Picture of a junior suite at Park Hyatt, Seoul to illustrate simplicity living

With less stuff, less space is needed, resulting in more money save, less stress and more happiness. I do not need to buy or rent a bigger apartment or pay for additional storage space for things I do not need nor use. I also spend less time thinking about how to store the items and have more time to spend with family and friends and not forgetting more “Me” time.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Reduce Ruthlessly – Sell or give away items that we have little use, get cash back, less space needed
  2. Think Small – Buy what we use or need instead of what the store “tells” us to buy, say No to Upsize
  3. Less is More – Go for quality classic items rather than quantity


Finally, buy less, save more, less stress, more freedom. 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Less Stuff, More Happiness

    1. Thank you for stopping by and glad you find my sharing helpful. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience in Africa. Have been reading them. Amazing photos!


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