Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O (Pond)

I am currently blogging on my vacation to Korea, contributing to this week’s photo challenge theme – H2O, based on my trip in Korea.

An idyllic environment can be created by building a pavilion near the pond in the garden, like the rear gardens in the palaces in Korea, the place where the king and princes contemplated about life and wrote poems.

This picture was taken at the rear garden of Gyeongbokgung, the Royal Palace of Korea, located in Seoul.  In the middle of the pond, an artificial islet was created and a pavilion was built with the name Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, meaning the “Pavilion of Far-Reaching Fragrance”. The bridge was built across the pond, connecting to the pavilion was named Chwihyanggyo, meaning “intoxicated with fragrance.


The following pictures are taken at The Secret Garden at Changdeokgung.  The two-storey Juhamnu Pavilion (on the right) built in 1776 served as a repository of Gyujanggak, Royal Library on the first floor and a reading room for the king on the second floor.  The pavilion is located on a small, peaceful square lily pond with a little island in the center of the pond.


To know more about my vacation in Seoul, check out September in Seoul.


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