My Bucket List

Recently I started putting my bucket list in writing. As I listed down the items and reviewed what I have accomplished and when I accomplished them, I feel very bless to have done so much and visited so many places.  I am counting my blessings and thanking God for each.

  1. Visit Europe (December 2002)
  2. Visit China (Forbidden City & Great Wall) (October 2008)
  3. Visit Israel (December 2008)
  4. Visit Japan (February 2016)
  5. Take picture with Mickey, visit the Cinderella Castle and end the day watching the fireworks at Disney World (July 2015)
  6. Grand Canyon (August 2006)
  7. Golden Gate Bridge (August 2003)
  8. Walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame (August 2002)
  9. Fly a plane (August 2006)
  10. Own a convertible car (2005)
  11. Learn Skiing (February 2007)
  12. Ride a horse in the range (Dec 2009)
  13. See the White House (July 2014)
  14. See the Stonehenge (Dec 2006)
  15. Watch a live football match in Europe (Nov 2014)
  16. See the painting of The Last Supper in Milan (May 2008)
  17. Visit Rome to see The Colosseum
  18. Visit Vatican City
  19. Visit Silk Road
  20. See Niagara Fall
  21. Ride in a hot air balloon
  22. Start a blog (July 2016)
  23. Write a book
  24. Visit Egypt
  25. Visit Jordan
  26. See Aurora Borealis
  27. Financially debt free
  28. Visit Mongolia


No idea if the list will grow but I am making plans to achieve each of them.

What’s on your bucket list?


Thank you for stopping by and happy Living for Experiences!

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      1. Wow, 9 years of traveling is hard to beat. Unfortunately my blog is more diverse than just travelling… I still hope you enjoy, and thanks for the follow! 😁

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