Taking Stock of the First Nine Months of 2016

Three quarter of 2016 has passed, it has been an eventful year, lots happened. Time to take stock of the past nine months, sharing my milestone in life in chronological order.

First Trip to Japan – Finally, I stepped out of the Narita airport and stepped into Tokyo for the very first time in February, striking this item from my bucket list. For more on my trip, check out my trip posts here.


Career Break – After working with the company for three and a half years, I was informed by my manager that my role has been made redundant. It was a stressful time till I decided to let go and told myself to take a well deserve break.

Home Renovation – In March, renovation of my apartment that was planned in late January begun. In a way, I am glad I stopped work that I may focus on managing my renovation and home moving.


Home Moving – In May, renovation completed and I moved to my new apartment. Listed a number of my items on Carousell, to declutter and at the same time to get back some money. For my home moving and decluttering experience, check out my blog posts here.

Blogging – In June, I contemplated on starting a blog or write a novel. Finally, I set up an account with WordPress.com and started my own domain www.audreysimplicity.com  in late July. Striking off another item from my bucket list. I started the blog to write about my home moving and how I declutter my life. Eventually, I wrote my first blog post about my travel to Tokyo as I wanted to relive the happy moments. I research on what I write and learn lots in the process. I am enjoying the blogging journey especially blogging on my travels, will keep writing, learning and sharing with fella bloggers and the bigger audience.

As I reflect back, I noticed I experienced a significant milestone or event in each quarter. I am looking forward to the next milestone in the last quarter of 2016.

Thank you for stopping by.  How was your first nine months of 2016?



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