Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest (Toledo)


This week’s photo challenge is Quest.

We were in Toledo, Spain last November for a day.  We joined the two-hour tour to learn more about Toledo.  The coach driver first brought us to the highest point that we may have a panoramic view of Toledo.  Unfortunately, it was a very short stopover.  We did not have enough time to enjoy the view.

After the two-hour tour and lunch, we decided to take up the quest to walk up to the highest point.  We walked and walked.  We finally reached the highest point. The reward is the panoramic view of Toledo. The view was definitely worth the walk.

At the end of that day, I checked my Fitbit, it showed that I have walked 32,872 steps, 22.83km and climbed 104 floors.  I do not know how accurate that is but it is a good gauge on how far we walked that day.

For more on my trip to Toledo, check out Day Trip to Toledo.



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Audrey is a lifestyle and travel blogger and a technology marketeer by trade, living in Singapore. She is pursuing a life of simplicity, focusing on experiences - reducing her possessions, staying responsible to the environment and increasing her self-sufficiency. She also enjoys travelling and exploring Singapore to find a new perspective in life.

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