Shalom! Galilee

Shalom! Continuing our journey in Israel, if you missed my earlier posts, check out  Shalom! Israel

During our stay at Nof Ginosar at Galilee, we got to see the sunrise every morning.  Almost everyone in our tour group woke up early to watch the beautiful sun rise and the beautiful colour of the sky.


For our meals at Galilee, we had fish and pita bread for both lunch and dinner.  The food were very fresh including the fruit juice that we have every morning for breakfast, all freshly squeezed by ourselves using a manual juicer.  Pity that I did not take a picture of the manual juicer. It was an industry grade type of manual juicer and was not easy to operate.  One needs to know the technique to use it else it required a lot of strength.


I enjoyed my stay at Nof Ginosar, the experience was better than staying at any four star hotel as we get to experience the way the locals live.  On the last evening of our stay at Nof Ginosar before we  set off to the Dead Sea on the next morning, we visited the Kibbutz neigbourhood and spoke with the people living in the community. Kibbutz is a Hebrew word for “communal settlement”.  It is a unique rural community in Israel; a society dedicated to mutual aid and social justice; the fulfillment of the idea “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”; a home for those who have chosen it.

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