Shalom! The Ancient Galilee

Shalom! Continuing our journey in Israel, if you missed my earlier posts, check out Shalom! Israel

We headed back to Galilee, visited Kfar Kedem that recreates the day-to-day life of ancient Galilee 2,000 years ago, during the Mishnah period.  Kfar Kedem is located at Hoshaya on Route 77, next to the Hamovil insection.


The guide at Kfar Kedem provided us the ancient costumes, robes and headdresses, to put on.  We were then transported back to 2,000 years ago where we witnessed the threshing and grinding of grains.


The young boy, one of our tour mates, got his hands on the grinder.  The grinder was heavy to operate as it is made of stone.  He managed to grind a few grains.

Next, the guide explained to us on how the rice flour was made into dough for making pita bread.


There I was attempting to make a pita bread for myself with little success.  The man who was standing next to me must be saying to himself, “Another tourist playing with her food”.


Next, we had our donkey ride.  I rode on the donkey with no one to help lead it, the guide requested a little local boy to lead the donkey, bringing me for a walk.   The way he did it seemed easy as the donkey just followed his lead.  The rest of our tour mates struggled to lead their donkeys.


With the little boy’s help, I got my Donkey Driver License. 🙂


We ended our experience enjoying pita bread in the shepherds tent.


For more on my Israel trip, check out Shalom! Israel


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