Shalom! Herman Stream

Shalom! Continuing our journey in Israel, if you missed my earlier post, check out Shalom! Israel

We went up north to visit the nature reserves at Golan.  First stop was to Hermon Stream or in the past known as Caesarea Philippi.  The Hermon Stream receives its water from the southern slopes of Mount Hermon and the northern Golan and reaches its junction with the Dan Stream and the two unite to form the Jordan.

Remnants of the Past at Herman Stream – The Temple of Pan

After the conquest of Alexander the Great in 332 BC, Greek culture was brought to the East. Next to the flowing spring and rich vegetation, the Panaeon was constructed, a temple to the god Pan, who lived in nature.  With the rise of Christianity during the Byzantine period, Paneas began to change its character.  The pagan worship of Pan came to an end and the temples were abandoned.

The picture below is the artist impression of the Sanctuary of Pan and the other pictures below are what we saw, the ruins of the abandoned temple.



For more information on Herman Stream, check out Israel Nature & Parks Authority.

For more on my Israel trip, check out Shalom! Israel

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