Shalom! Capernaum, The Town of Jesus

Shalom! Continuing our journey on my trip to Israel, if you missed my earlier post, check out Shalom! Israel

Continuing our journey reliving the life of Jesus at Capernaum, The Town of Jesus. According to the Gospels, Jesus selected Capernaum as the center of his public ministry in the Galilee after he left the small mountainous hamlet of Nazareth.  Capernaum is cited in all four gospels where it was reported to have been near the hometown of the apostles Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John, as well as the tax collector Matthew.  One Sabbath, Jesus taught in the synagogue and healed a man who was possessed by an unclean spirit. Then he healed Simon Peter’s mother-in-law of a fever.  It is also the place where the centurion’s servant was healed.

Remains of the 4th century synagogue



Interior of the modern memorial built over the house of St Peter


Foundations of octagonal 5th-century church, visible through a glass floor


Sculpture of St Peter


For more on my Israel trip, check out Shalom! Israel

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