Welcome to Taiwan – Day 1 at Taipei

My first visit to Taiwan was in Spring 2012, was there for a 8-day vacation.  Stayed at Sheraton Taipei located at ZhongXiao East Road,  redeemed using my points from Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) membership.  The hotel is a block away from the Taipei ShanDaoShi MRT Station.  On day four, I took the High Speed Rail (HSR) to Taichung and spent two nights at Sun Moon Lake, the highlight of the trip.  Then back to Taipei for another two nights before flying back to Singapore.


Head straight to the hotel by taxi upon arrival at Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport Terminal 2.


士林夜市 ShiLin Night Market

By the time I checked-in and freshened up, it was already evening.  Best time to visit the night market.  I took the Taipei MRT to ShiLin Night Market for dinner.  After having beef noodle for dinner, I had the fried chicken fillet (a must try) as I roamed around the night market.


For more on my trip, check out Taiwan Trip

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Taiwan – Day 1 at Taipei

  1. It is amazing that I still remember the smell of foods in Taiwan!
    Every time, I smelled of something similar in different Asian Countries I have been it reminds me of my time living in Taiwan.

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