Autumn in Barcelona – Camp Nou

FC Barcelona Museum

My final day for sightseeing in Spain before catching early morning flight back the next day.  I watched the FC Barcelona match at my trip a year ago (check out my blog here) but did not get to visit the museum.  Therefore it was a must do for this trip.

After breakfast at the hotel, I took a walk to Camp Nou that houses the FC Barcelona Museum on its ground floor.  I did not make online booking for the ticket, therefore had to queue behind a long trail of football fans for the ticket to enter and it was worth it.


Once inside, I was immersed in the club’s history and achievements through the photographs, interactive displays, trophies, and other memorabilia.  The city’s world famous soccer club has an importance that extends far beyond sports, serving as a cherished symbol of Catalan identity and a focus for political loyalties.  As the club’s slogan claims, it is truly: “More than a club.”

I did not get to do the stadium tour as they were preparing the stadium for a match in the evening.  Fortunately, was allowed to view the stadium and take pictures at the audience gallery.


After bidding farewell to FC Barcelona, I head to the mall and had Japanese noodle for lunch as I was craving for some Asian comfort food.

After lunch, I took the Barcelona Tourist Bus to Passeig de Gracia. Visited the Apple Store.  After all the window shopping and taking more pictures along the way, I had traditional Spanish food, paella and tapas, for my last dinner in Spain before heading back to the hotel.  Glad I have been discipline, did not make any impulsive purchases, else I will end up having to declutter when I am home.


The day has come to leave Spain.  It has been a wonderful trip, both business and holiday.  I enjoyed myself and glad that I ventured out to Madrid and Toledo.  Always good to see different parts of the world to open up my horizon and perspective in life.

Spain is a beautiful country, lots of beautiful architectures and parks and very friendly to tour on foot.   Bye Spain…

Note:  All photos in this post are taken by me using Leica C Compact Camera & iPhone 6

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